Config - cihai.config

Configuration options for Cihai app.

cihai.config.expand_config(d, dirs=<appdirs.AppDirs object>)[source]

Expand configuration XDG variables, environmental variables, and tildes.

Return type:


  • d (dict) – config information

  • dirs (appdirs.AppDirs) – XDG application mapping


Environmentable variables are expanded via os.path.expandvars(). So ${PWD} would be replaced by the current PWD in the shell, ${USER} would be the user running the app.

XDG variables are expanded via str.format(). These do not have a dollar sign. They are:

  • {user_cache_dir}

  • {user_config_dir}

  • {user_data_dir}

  • {user_log_dir}

  • {site_config_dir}

  • {site_data_dir}